Window Replacement – Rotten Wood – Corrales

When we opened up the walls on this house for the window replacement, we discovered that some areas of the home, under the windows, had significant water damage due to water intrusion that had resulted from the initial window installation and the improper stucco application.

The first part of this Video deals with the proper installation of one of our new windows while the second portion of this video deals with the rotten wood that we discovered under the glass block window area. We also demonstrate some termite damage that we discovered under one of the windows. Moisture (entering the window sill area) plus food (wood) equated in termites. Very bad thing, but at least it is all addressable and fixable.

The Homeowner/Builder had no idea what to look for as these windows were being replaced so it’s not their fault, the fault lies with the person who installed the windows for doing such a shoddy job.

Here, You can see the extent of the rotten wood under the glass block window that was installed in a dry area of the Master Bathroom. Just a horrible installation, no other way to describe it …

All of the water intrusion was occurring from the exterior wall of the home.

We removed a portion of the rotted sill, studs and exterior sheathing and repaired those areas properly with new lumber and materials.

We also removed the glass block and replaced it wit a new Pella window, right side fixed and left side operable.

There will never again be any exterior water intrusion that occurs around this window, or any other window that we have replaced..

The good thing is, we caught this damage now and it wasn’t allowed to go on for another five years when the damage could have been classified as major, while today I would classify the damage more as minor.

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