Water Intrusion/Moisture Control

BCN Group: (626) 359-1131
More Information: http://www.bcngroupllc.com

BCN provides specialized waterproofing services that ensure maximum protection of structures against water intrusion and excessive moisture. We can help solve water intrusion / moisture control in almost any situation, such as:

• Below grade / above grade
• Positive side/ negative side
• Between slabs
• Parking decks
• Reservoirs and tanks

Our specialties include:

• Liquid applied systems
o Membranes
o Vapor barriers
o Hydrophilic systems
o Hygroscopic systems
• Joint sealants
• Volclay/ bentonite (Bentogrout) systems
• Sheet membranes
• Polyurethane injection

BCN will serve your waterproofing project with the same quality that has been enjoyed by clients such as LAX, US Coast Guard, and many others.

BCN is a certified choice for

• High efficiency silicone waterproofing
• Durable urethane systems
• Volclay/ bentonite
• Epoxy coatings
• Elastomeric coatings
• Penetrating systems

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