Water Intrusion In Progress #3 – Full Version

Water intrusion currently happening at our home due to KB Home’s faulty work. They were notified on June 28, 2012 of this problem and have yet to rectify it. We have been living on concrete floors now with our furniture in the garage waiting for KB to make repairs to cracks in our slab. They are supposed to be here tomorrow to repair those and we planned on laying our new laminate flooring this weekend. Now we cannot do that knowing that water is actively coming into our home due to faulty work of which KB Home has accepted responsibility. Three months is far too long to wait for repairs like these when our home is not sealed from the outside elements and we are living in this condition. Last week we found moldy carpet and tack strip when we moved furniture and removed carpet in order to replace our floors. KB Home was quick to send a contractor to remove the mold but have done nothing to correct the problem. We are left sitting here in an unlivable home at the mercy of KB Home until they can find time to repair the home and lot they “built” for us only 2.5 years ago. We are at our wits end.

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