Internal look at Garrett Seahunter II for repair purposes

I was getting arbitrary (stray) signals. I thought I had water intrusion. Because I had some customizing to the unit (spray painted black to make less conspicious….just like to roll like that), I decided to open the factory-sealed unit myself.
Using a dremel tool I buzzed away at the edge of the face, at a certain point it became obvious that I had buzzed away the factory sealing. Once the an internal screw was removed in battery casing, the detector housing face came off easily allowing good access to all components. After finding a broken capacitor (and replacing that with a “thru-hole mounted style” capacitor), I did my own “factory-resealing”. Slid the face back into place, and put up tape border (duct tape) along the case. I then poured the epoxy resin into the crevice between the tape (outside), the case as bottom and the housing face as the inner wall. Once the epoxy resin cured the seal looked indistinguishable from the original. The unit works good again, and I expect it would successfully dive to 200 feet if I ever did that. As it is I really only need to go to less than 50 feet. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in comment section or by PM.
Normally, it is better to send unit into factory repair (that’s my disclaimer, don’t blame me if you run into more problems….this is just my experience…Aloha)

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