Cold Water Upwelling take 2. Now in HD

There has been a week long intrusion of deep cold Atlantic sea water up into our area of the Atlantic seaboard. This has caused a very distinct thermocline of nice warm water on top and really cold water on the bottom. This has pretty much shut the bottom fishing off but has driven some fish that normally would be mid column swimmers, to come to the top to stay warm.
John and I headed out hoping for some Vermillion at #11 but the bite was so slow on the bottom, we began to concentrate on the top and pulled up some 24″ and 25″ AJ’s (too short to legally keep). We were also really pestered with shark suckers all day as you can see in the video. Still, we came home with 2 Lane Snappers and 1 Porgy. The Mutton at the beginning was 14″ and legal size to keep is 16″ so we let it go to grow..

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