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We know it rains a lot in Seattle and water damage can be an issue, whether you live near a river or not. When the rains begin to fall and the rivers begin to rise, don’t hesitate on calling us for any of your water damage issues. We can also take care of any mold issues either inside of your house or in your crawl space. Don’t wait and let the damage get worse. Water damage can happen from a broken water pipe or a leaky roof and can happen in the middle of the dry summer.

Water Damage Seattle can be at your house or business the same day. If you have a broken pipe and water is getting everywhere, you need someone who will be there quickly, which is why we offer emergency water damage services throughout the entire Seattle Washington area. Don’t waste your time calling others when we can be at the source of your problems quickly.

Our company can also deal with mold problems within your house. Mold can be a serious problem and can cause serious health issues if left unattended. It is very important to deal with any mold issues as soon as you notice them. Most mold will grow in your attic or basement which is why most people never know they have problems until they are either moving into a house and have had a home inspection or unless if they happen to go into the attic or basement. Mold spores will be in the air you and your family breath which is why it is important to have this serious health issue dealt with quickly. Most mold problems happen after some type of water damage event. If you had a broken water pipe and the water was left to just ‘dry up’, mold will most likely grow in that area.

We offer free quotes on all services so you know what to expect. Most of the time your insurance provider will cover damages caused by water, such as those from a broken pipe. If you have flood insurance, then your insurance should cover all damages done from a flood. Because of the different types of insurances, we won’t know what is covered until we look over your specific insurance.

Give Water Damage Seattle a call today (206) 745-4750 for a free estimate on repair cost. If you have an emergency water damage situation give us a call and someone will get to you immediately.

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