Sacrificial Surgery to Save Moto 360 from Water Damage – RIP Moto 360?

Update: 6/9/15: My moto 360 appears to be fully working!!! 😀

Okay, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to throw my Moto 360 into a random body of water of unknown depth with a cracked back? But do you know what? I did this test for you guys. I’m going to use this opportunity to sacrifice the Moto 360 for science. Next: I’m going to do drop tests 🙂

Since my Moto 360 is pretty much dead, why not torture it a little bit, maybe I can get it back working?

Side note: at least I have an excuse to order the champagne one I’ve always wanted.

Please note: Don’t take the introduction to this video seriously, I did it strictly for amusement purposes, do not be offended by it, I don’t worship Satan lol

The video where I threw the watch in a canal:

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