Problems Caulking Bottom of Siding – Water Damage Tips Some home repair methods make sense, even though they shouldn’t be used. Caulking the bottom of the siding isn’t going to be beneficial to your house and will prevent any water that gets behind the wood siding to roll off of the front of the building paper correctly. The pictures that you will see in the video show some of the water and termite damage, simply because someone caulked the bottom of the siding. Not all of the damage came from the caulked siding, the siding was also installed incorrectly. I’ve ran into this type of siding damage often during my many travels working on homes and I truly believe that things like these make a lot of sense to intelligent people and I can understand why they do it. If you really want some good advice about siding installation, you should read the manufacturer’s installation instructions and follow them. I’ve seen professional home builders and even carpenters who have worked in the industry for many years do the same thing. If you have any more tips or advice about siding damage, you can post them in the text comment area on this webpage.

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