How to protect your shoes from water damage – Water Repellent Spray
Woly WetBlocker is a nanotechnology, high-performance spray. The Woly WetBlocker provides an extra layer of defence agaisnt water damage, stains and dirt.

Shoe on display is a Roamers Sargent

High Performance Ultimate Wet Blocking Spray
Creates An Invisible Shield Against Water
Drops Of Water Visibly Repelled
Suitable For All Materials
Contents: 250ml Aerosol
Nano Powered Waterproof. High Performance. Ultimate Wet Blocker, suitable for all materials without a plastic coating, leather, suede and fabric even satin.
How does the Woly Wet Blocker work?
Once the wet blocker has been sprayed onto the surface, an impregnating layer enfolds every single fibre of leather textile, thus acting like an invisible shield.
This prevents the intrusion of moisture, dust and dirt.
Drops of water do not seep below the surface, but are simply repelled. Particles of dust and dirt can easily be removed. The tactile quality, the colour and the air and steam permeability of the material remains unchanged.
This is a high-performance impregnating spray and we consider it the ultimate water-repellent. The treatment will provide comprehensive protection against moisture and dirt as well as water. Suitable for all materials, such as smooth leather, suede, textiles, eg. Nylon, polyester, polyamide, etc. As well as for synthetic and patent leather.
Commonly used for footwear, bags, clothing, skiwear and all articles that suffer from permeable damage. Once sprayed, the characteristics of the material are left un-changed.
Please note the product packaging can vary from the picture.
Made in Germany.
Unfortunately this product cannot be sent outside of the UK.

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