How to Dry out water damage, leaks, floods with dehumidifiers and cleanup mold with airscrubbers

How to properly dry out after waterdamage, floods and leaks. Proper drying requires dehumidifiers and blowers properly installed. Small leaks can be dried out in 2-4 days with drying equipment. Dehumidifiers are the most important tool to use for drying, in combination with fans.

A Q Environmental specialize in water damage restoration. We provide disaster restoration equipment rental such as, dehumidifiers, blowers, fans, HEPA filter vacuums, HEPA filter equipped air scrubbers, negative air machines, for dust control in occupied buildings.

Construction work may cause significant release of dust and potential hazardous material in occupied buildings. The only way to control the dust release is to contain the work area with polyethylene sheeting and to install HEPA filter equipped negative air machines.

The HEPA machines we provide are dual-use. They can be used both as negative air and as airscrubbers.

We rent to building owners, homeowners, contractors, disaster restoration firms who need additional equipment.

We provide Infrared Thermal Camera inspection to survey buildings with water damage or energy loss surveys.

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We service California, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, San Jose, San Francisco. Miami, Chicago, San Antonio, Seattle, New Orleans and many other areas.

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