Switched On – Building, Painting, Electrical & Property Maintenance

0:05 To me, being a master tradesman means taking pride in your work and going that extra mile for the clients and also for the company.
0:12 The staff we’ve got are brilliant, we all sort of help each other out and it just makes the job flow a lot better.
0:21 We don’t hire any cowboys. All our guys are licensed and are masters of trade. In house, we have master electricians, master builders and master painters.
0:30 The consequences of using tradesmen that aren’t licensed or registered, means you runs the risk of below quality work and also if things go wrong, you have very little recourse.
0:42 What makes Switched On better than the competitors is that we have all the different trades under one roof that can get the job done from the start to finish.
0:50 When we run a job, we can make sure it runs seamlessly, which makes it more efficient and also less stressful for the client.
0:57 We’re managed all by the same company we don’t have to source different contractors to do different jobs all the time; we can do it in house.
1:11 Our core business is insurance reinstatements large-scale renovation work and general maintenance.
1:17 We’ve been involved in the industry now for probably a good 30 years and with us you know that we’re here to stay, we’re not a fly-by operation, we’re not a bunch of cowboys.
1:30 You consider every job is like you’re doing it for your mother because the last person you want to piss off is your mother.
1:41 Sense of pride is the biggest part of the job, when you finish, you want to make sure it looks good and feels a part of you, everyone’s happy at the end of the job including the customer.
1:49 It’s a good satisfaction for yourself because you get the home owner in; you can see the joy in their face, in their eyes and just their body language and so you get the warm, fluffys, out of that.

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