The Sims 3 – Building a House 7 – Chicago Dreaming – Part 1 – Architecture

The link to download this house is over here:

Requested by coolkit211, who asked for a 1950’s Chicago Townhouse for his Italian Family (which I accidentally disregarded), that consists of Mother, Father and teenage daughter. So apart from those details, I was asked to include a garage and basement (I don’t understand the need for them so the houses I’ve made that require a basement I left empty) and it needed to be small.

My first reaction was that it was going to be a quick and easy job… how wrong I was. This house took 3 hours to complete!!! And nothing was extraordinarily hard either, time just flew past.

I could’ve made it 2 floors instead of 3 if I managed the ground floor better (theres lots of empty space), but I’ve always wanted to do a 1st floor Kitchen/ Dining Room, so I crammed them, a bathroom and a family room all on the one floor. 2nd floor is really nice but I definitely get carried away with colour themes. I tried being different with the daughters room and threw in Blue instead of all pink. But I think the Black & White throughout the house turned out quite nice.
Backyard was just thrown together and the “garage” is very basic.

Okay this is my last house that I’m building for a bit. I don’t have much internet to upload 1GB worth of videos everyday… that, and I’m all creative-ed out… I need time to recharge. I’m thinking of building simple, small starter homes instead of expensive works of art when I come back. I need a change.
So yes, I’ll still be replying and whatnot to all of you, so technically I’m not going anywhere.

Enjoy and see you sooooon-like!!!

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