The Sims 3 – Building a House 13 – Carnelian Chalcedony – Part 1 – Architecture

The link to download this house is over here:

Alright, so the house is finished, the end product slightly differs this version.

The idea came from a tiny picture in the recent New Homes liftout from my local paper. It was a picture of the front of the house, the rest I made up.

Now, the biggest issue that came up a once or twice was the fact that I used foundations for the structure instead of walls. That was FAIL on my part because if you notice on the ground floor the shadow of the tree from outside can still be seen even though the they are walls and stuff up.

Major fail, I though it would be cool to use foundations because I was thinking of raising the terrain’s “ground level”, which I forgot to do. You’ll see the effects of this problem later on. Uncool!

I really like the backyard, has a Japanese feel to it, its a pity the ‘mountains are so pointy looking though. Again, the “constrainfloorelevation” cheat was used for the bridge and udjusting the foundations’ height.

Each installment of my ‘Colour Series’ will have a new feature that I will use for the next installment, so Green will have an amalgamation of all the previous houses, effectively making it a super house!
Blue has the colour theme.
Orange has the pond.
Black and White has the lowered living room.
Red has the indoor garden… and to an extent the garage.

I’ve done the majority of the Visible Spectrum and I’ve decided to make one more, sorry to those who would have like to see Violet/ Indigo but don’t worry, the next installment will BLOW YOU MIND!

Carnelian Chalcedony took a painful 4.5 hours to build and costs 6 000 furnished and 000 unfurnished


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