Minecraft – #2 Villager efficient residential building Tutorial! [Architecture]

A compact and efficient way of housing your villagers!

This building is a small, cheap and quick-to-build house forhousing villagers. It is a compact way of housing villagers in a small building. The design of these ”appartments” holds the characteristic of customization. You can twist, turn, link and stack these small appartments any way you like. Watch till the end of the video to see an appartment building made out of this simple but effective design!

This serie shows off my own designed Minecraft houses for Minecraft. I design a lot of houses in Minecraft and I thought it was time to show some off! Each video is divided into two parts. The first part gives the viewer a tour of the house or structure with descriptions of what is shown. The second part is the tutorial where the simple building guidelines are given so that you can build the structure yourself! Feel free to like, comment or subscribe!

Thanks for watching and I hope you liked it!

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