Beautiful Buildings and Architecture

Cool buildings, amazing skylines, beautiful bridges, and other architectural feats.

Here are the places and the order in which they appear:
1. Greek arches
2. Medieval castle
3. Allegheny County Courthouse
4. Monastery of St. Nil
5. Convento do Carmo ruins in Lisbon
6. Broadway Tower Cotswolds
7. Big Ben at night
8. Notre Dame de Paris
9. Notre-Dame de Montreal Basilica
10. Tower Bridge, Sacramento, CA
11. Neuschwanstein Castle
12. Cape Reinga Lighthouse, New Zealand
13. Blue Mosque at night
14. Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque at sunset
15. Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque
16. St. Vitus Cathedral
17. Louvre Pyramid, Paris
18. London Eye at twilight
19. Goslar Imperial Palace
20. Beijing bridge under fog
21. Mont Saint-Michel, France
22. Milau Viaduct, France
23. Fort-Jefferson Dry-Tortugas
24. Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland
25. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral at dusk
26. Louvre Staircase
27. Brooklyn Bridge
28. San Diego Temple
29. Brisbane by night
30. Blue Bridge underside
31. Tomorrow Square
32. Jin Mao Building Inside
33. Crystal Cathedral
34. Moon over San Diego
35. Slide Bridge
36. USAFA Chapel
37. Ciudad de las Ciencias noche
38. European Parliament
39. Japanese Indoor Beach
40. Chicago Skyline
41. Petronas Twin Towers
42. Petronas Twin Towers tops
43. Golden Gate Bridge by night
44. Pudong by night
45. Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil
46. Shanghai at night
47. Roads and Traffic
48. San Francisco International Airport at night
49. Seattle Skyline
50. Vaux le Vicomte Garden
51. San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts
52. Nikolsky Women’s Monastery
53. Northern Telc Reflection, Czech Republic
54. St. Basils Cathedral
55. Kinkaku Ji
56. St. Barbara Cathedral, Czech Republic
57. Château de Chambord, France
58. Tulip Stair, Queens House, Greenwich
59. Château de Chenonceaux, France
60. Monastery of St. Jacob domes

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