WORLD’S FIRST! ‘Mariner’ Drone with WATERPROOF GIMBAL, FPV & filming in 4K from BVI, CARIBBEAN!

WE DID IT!! World’s First… a “MARINER” Waterproof Drone filming in 4K with a GoPro Hero4 stabilized on a FULLY WATERPROOF GIMBAL, with Waterproof FPV live-video transmission to the ground station, even from under water!

This has been a major undertaking, much more than I originally anticipated… turned out to be not so bad to make a gimbal resistant to fresh water intrusion, but flying in salt water was a completely different story.. what worked in fresh water definitely did not work in salt water.. but we kept at it and finally have a working sample that flies off both fresh water and saltwater.. and here is the video that illustrates it! 🙂

Thanks to our good friends Nick and Monica Willis at Leverick Bay Resort & Marina for donating the use of their pool for the latest tests of our new WATERPROOF GIMBAL and FPV system, we appreciate it and you can find out more about Leverick Bay Resort/Marina at:

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