Vycor enV Weather Resistive Barrier – Traditinoal House Wrap Alternative


Vycor enV is a high performance that protects against water and air intrusion. Vycor enV solves many of the challenges facing traditional housewrap and building paper. Water can get behind housewrap either through a tear or penetration and cause wall damage. Vycor enV forms a fullybonded coating that seals and protects the wall from moisture. Also, post-applied fasteners such as nails and screws, can create thousands of additional penetrations through the Weather Resistive Barriers. Vycor enV gaskets around the fasteners. Vycor enV completely covers all seams and fasteners, forming a protective barrier. Vycor enV will not tear and if damage should occur, it is fast and easy to repair.

Features/Benefits:Vycor enV

Protects against bulk water intrusion and keeps the sheathing and framing materials dry.
Reduces risk of moisture related problems.
Improves building durability and decreases maintenance costs.
Limits air flow both into and out of the building envelope.
Reduces energy costs, improves occupant comfort and prevents moisture buildup.
Allows for the transmission of water vapor.
Prevents build up of water vapor and increases rate of drying.
Resistance to tearing, UV exposure and other construction-related damage.

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