Video Evidence of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted on Everglades Bridging & Water Pollution Killing Wildlife

The news stations and public have been misinformed about the water flowing south through the new 81 to 100 million dollar one mile bridge. The fact is that not a drop has been let through as of yet; the water is too polluted according to National Park regulations to run it south through the National Park. The question is if the water is flowed south will it be able to flow through the National Park the majority of the year? Now a 2.6 mile bridge is in sight, and additional 2.9 miles of bridging to proceed it. The problem we see is that the first 1 mile bridge has not yet been tested. The truth to the whole matter is, the Everglades biggest problem lies up north with pollution that should be corrected before spending taxpayers money on a science project that will be a permeant costly disaster if it does not work.

We have studied the water flow patterns through the existing culverts for many decades. We have seen how the wildlife has been affected and have analyzed the situation as a whole. The ecosystem and wildlife is disappearing and suffering. Wildlife is becoming smaller in size, becoming weaker, and natural life spans are getting shorter. In 1998 a florida panther was found dead in Everglades Shark River Slough with levels of mercury so high it could kill an adult human.

Right now and for the past several months before the 81 to 100 million dollar bridge was even finished water has actually been flowing through the National Park from south to north through the existing culverts; yes, backwards because the water is too polluted. Everyday a test by one of us has been conducted on the bridge to test the direction of the water flow. A hand full of sand is dropped at the opening, but it sinks straight to the bottom. If the flow of water was flowing south the sand would visibly be carried in that direction. Imagine 2.6 miles of water flowing backwards, (yes north) verses the culverts that are in place now. That equals a lot more water traveling north because water pollution regulations do not permit them to flow south through the National Park. Also sending water south would require permission from the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida, which owns lands south of Lake Okeechobee and north of Everglades National Park. The Miccosukee Tribe is against the polluted waters being flowed into their land, and they are taking action to preserve their way of life. They would not be able to survive if the water and food is all poisoned. According to Earth Justice the pumps for polluted water on average contribute the equivalent of 60,000 one hundred pound bag of phosphorus to Lake Okeechobee each year.

If the bridging is in place unnatural water depths will follow unnatural hydro-periods and water flow patterns. Now all the wildlife’s hammocks will be under water, and there will be no dry land. This will result in unhealthy conditions. More water, more water, more water, is not the answer; Clean water, clean water, clean water, is the answer! Because of being in a hurry to build all these bridges that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars are we really going to sacrifice one environment to stop salt water intrusion down south into the bay? Remember there’s only one Everglades and its all connected. All these bridges do not save the Everglades, they flood and pollute them more then they already are. We are affecting the entire food chain and ecosystem. We have to treat the source of infection instead of covering it up with a bandaid.

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