Under ground water use going to a dangerous treat in Bangladesh

It is a one report of series reports about Water & climate change problem in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi broadcast journalist Sanjoy Chaki find out latest alarming situation of Under ground water use in irrigation & drinking purpose.
Why & future ?
Expats & researcher said ground water label going down every day in rural & urban Bangladesh which is very alarming for future.
They said, Bangladeshi farmers has to bound more irrigation & use ground water for harvesting and sustaining because of droughts, low rain fall,change of raining pattern mostly for the Climate change .
Underground water use is going to danger label in Bangladesh for the short rainfall, droughts & river pollution
A report of channel i by Sanjoy Chaki. Onaired- 01.06.12 on Channeli tv
Story Summary
groundwater use is going to dangerous threat to the lives and livelihood in Bangladesh due to climate change . According to Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC).80 percent of irrigation water and 98 percent of drinking water is collected from underground sources.
Dr. Eftekharul Alam, said (Agriculture, Water and Environment Engineer of Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation -BADC.) Water table of groundwater is declining rapidly due to its excessive use for irrigation in agriculture sector, which causes salinity water intrusion, posing a serious thereat to the ecosystem and biodiversity of the southern part of the country.
On the other hand according to Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA), its total water production of 87 percent is groundwater and 12 percent is surface water.
Managing director of Wasa mr, Taksim a Khan said , some of area of Dhaka city is now under treat of water mining.
Dr. Eftekharul Alam said “Over mining of groundwater of Dhaka city and Gazipur (a district beside the capital) regions have accelerated the speed of these intrusions. If depletion trend of groundwater of Dhaka city continues, it may be filled in by salt water and thus cause the city dwellers to migrate due to the shortage of fresh water,
Reporter- Sanjoy Chaki
Broadcaster- Channel i
ON aired- 01.06.12

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