The Faces of Climate Change: Niu

Niu Loane, 52, lives in Tuvalu and he and his wife Lemaima have resorted to growing staple crops in a plot at the end of Tuvalu’s international airport to feed themselves and the other family members that live with him, including his grandchildren. However, many people have abandoned the plot where Niu grows his food as salt water intrusion, which kills the crops, is occurring more often particularly during King Tides. Niu has no access to social security or savings of his own, and this situation is making life for his family even more uncertain.

‘We grow the root crops taro and pulaka, and also some bananas…But it’s really the pulaka that we rely on for food and some income. If the crop fails we will have nothing.’
— Niu Loane

Copyright Rodney Decker.

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