South Florida Sea Level Rise & Turkey Point Reactors 6 & 7

Florida Power & Light has applied for permits to add 2 nuclear reactors to the Turkey Point site. There are many reasons to oppose this, the least of them being, salt water intrusion to the Biscayne aquifer, source of our drinking water, damage to Biscayne Bay and sensitive wetlands, threats from increased storm surges (current spent fuel rods are permanently stored 12 feet above sea level). But the most compelling reason not to locate these reactors at Turkey Point —- it is located at only 1 foot above sea level, is sea level rise (SLR). As you will see, THAT IS A BAD IDEA! Actually, if you are not aware of SLR in south Florida, NOAA and the Army Corps of Engineers predict from 3-6 feet of rise by 2100. Two feet is predicted by 2060. Looks like FPL will not have many customers to sell its product to!!

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