SkyTEM Rock quality survey

Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) mapping: A typical AEM system carries a transmitter loop that induces electric eddy currents in the subsurface. The ground response is a characteristic of the conductivity distribution of earth material with depth. The penetration depth ranges from several tens to several hundreds of meters. As different types of geology have characteristic conductivity ranges, the final result of an AEM survey is a 3D cube of geological units outlining e.g. mineral resources, weakness zones, ground water intrusion / contamination, etc…

Stampa survey: Here a Danish AEM system, SkyTEM, is shown in operation in Aurland / Western Norway on a survey with the aim of mapping weakness zones in pyllitic hard rock and their correlation with rock slides in the area. The SkyTEM system features an octagon shaped 24 x 16 m transmitter loop flying at 30 m above ground at 25 km/h. The EM system is characterized by up to 63.000 Ampere.squaremeter transmitter moment and zero-coupled dual receivers (vertical and horizontal) sampling time gates from 2.22 microseconds to 2.5 milliseconds.

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