Salt Water Intrusion

Fresh water is a scarce natural resource globally. Coastal areas of the world impacted by salt water intrusion to fresh water aquifers is an immediate health risk in the SIDS Small Island Developing States and in larger countries like Indonesia and Phillipines. In addition, many countries in this region are earthquake and volcanoe regions where atmosphere is polluted when fires, urban, peri-urban, and rural arcitecture collapses post impact. In addition King Tides associated with increased monsoon and hurricane risk adversely impact human populations particlarly the elderly and children. The Geococded Spatial Transparent Metric GSTM 10km3x2 x y z t is suggested as a new ISO (Intenational Standards Organization pending) metric. This scale can help us make choices in sustaninable development and is offered as a K12 ‘spatial think” tool EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. See National Academy of Sciences 2006 Executive Summary “Spatial Thinking”. UNCLOS or The Law of the Sea needs a verification metric for both land based pollution into the oceans as well as monitoring biodiversity in the deep sea trenches. URCPP Unique recognizable complex predictable patterning in the post ecological anthropocene era might use GSTM to navigate an increasingly human earth system.

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