Real-time Alert Management and Detection of Saltwater Intrusion in Aquifers

Our natural water resources are not infinite. Overexploitation (due to overpopulation, industrial and agricultural policies or mass tourism) is leading to a gradual and sometimes irreversible damage to our water resources.

This risk is particularly acute in coastal areas where excessive strain on the water supply is causing salt intrusion, thereby damaging pumping stations and threatening the quality of groundwater.

Only a targeted, continuous and proactive management of these aquifers (done in-situ) can prevent this threat and avoid an expensive, lengthy and difficult remediation process.

The imaGeau innovative technology can address this issue by proposing the following:
– A continuous and dynamic monitoring of the quality and availability of water resources
– A high frequency time series and historical data log over several months or years
– Online access to groundwater data for monitoring and sustainable management.

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