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When it comes to real estate transactions, no home buyer likes to inherit the previous homeowner’s problems; especially if the problems are related to basement leaks and structural issues. The law in Kentucky and Tennessee, demands that home sellers disclose information about wet basement or foundation problems, but foundation drainage and structural issues occur overtime and might not be immediately visible.

That means that many times the sellers themselves aren’t aware of the problems they have and therefore can’t be held liable after the property is sold.

If you are in the market for a new home or if you are a buyer’s agent — it’s a good idea to keep an eye on some telltale signs of foundation problems before doing any negotiating. In this episode of HomePro, Dustin G., a System Design Specialist for Frontier Basement Systems, walks us through a home inspection, to show us how to detect some common signs of faulty foundation drainage, and structural issues occurring in cinderblock basement walls.

This particular home had a significant water intrusion problem, with water getting in through the joint between the walls and the floor, and also seeping in through the concrete blocks. The water intrusion problem caused several layers of paint that the homeowner had previously applied to the walls, to bubble up and peel off.

Due to poor drainage, the ground outside the home was oversaturated with water, causing severe swelling and exerting an enormous amount of pressure on the basement walls. This severe pressure caused the basement walls to crack and bow.

Before you buy a home, always get a home inspector to look at the property first and if there is the slightest sign of leakage or structural damage in the basement, get help from a waterproofing or a foundation repair expert right away, because these problems always tend to get worse over time.

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