Proline Plank butt joint flashing when installing fiber cement siding & Hardie ColorPlus Technology
We have developed the ProLine Series of Flashings and teamed up with TAMLYN to introduce a better way to help prevent water intrusion in buildings when using fiber cement siding including hardie ColorPlus Technology. The ProLine Plank Flashing and ProLine Trim Flashing are specifically designed to prevent water penetration at the butt joint and termination joints. this product can be used on all lap siding installation such as horizontal fiber cement ,

No more relying on caulk and housewrap as the primary defense against water intrusion. The ProLine Series of Flashing diverts water-flow eliminating the need for caulking. Now, the housewrap can be used for its original purpose, a secondary layer of protection, not the first line of defense. Our new line of water resistant products is re-inventing the way building envelopes are constructed.

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