Pokemon Light Platinum Nuzlocke EP 55: Team Steam Secret Base Intrusion Part 2

My Nuzlocke Rules:
1. I cannot catch any Pokémon except for event Pokémon (so not a random encounter), unless the Pokémon is for an in-game trade.
x – Allow to hunt one SPINARAK (fail 3x = no catch) to trade for SCYTHER. DONE!
x – Allow to fish for one CARVANHA (fail 3x = no catch) to trade for SEADRA. DONE!
– Allow to hunt one KIRLIA (fail 3x = no catch) to trade for HAUNTER.
– Allow to hunt one TORKOAL (fail 3x = no catch) to trade for ONIX.
– Allow to hunt one SANDSHREW (fail 3x = no catch) to trade for GRAVELER.
– Allow to hunt one STARAVIA (fail 3x = no catch) to trade for POLIWHIRL.
2. Fainted Pokémon are considered dead and must be released as soon as possible.
3. I cannot grind train my Pokémon. I can only level by fighting trainers and random encounters during my travel.
4. I will fight all encounters and will not use any Repels.
5. I cannot return to a Pokémon Center to heal during travel between towns and Gym challenges. (so I cannot go to the Pokémon Center to heal before facing a Gym Leader)
6. I will choose my starter by using the first number in my IDNo. where 1-3 is Water; 4-6 is Fire; 7-9 is Grass and 0 is I get to choose 🙂
7. I will “Headbutt” and “Thief” steal from all the trees that I come across during my travel (If Applicable). I will also fish (3) at every pass by water.
8. Sub. Like. & Comment!

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