Phoney Water Meter Man At The Door! | Home Intrusion Attempt ~~~Nancy

Man, dressed as a utilities worker, with a city water van, asked to come into my home to read my water meter. I wasn’t quick enough to realize that we don’t have the water meter read inside of the house. He said he wanted to take an ‘actual read.’ A ‘reading meter’ is on the outside of the house. I told him to come to the back door – but changed my mind. Thank you God. I only said no because of some clothes hanging up in the basement. I said I’d call and schedule a read. Water department did not schedule anyone to come to the house. They did not have a record of a truck in my area. Who was this man? What was he doing trying to gain entry into my home. Moral of the story; don’t let anyone in your home unless you phone to make certain the person is with the utility department they say they are with. I personally wouldn’t even trust an I.D. – I could make an identification tag. Think safety, just don’t let anyone in. Nancy Koncilja Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend

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