Perkins 4-107 / Alberg 37 Project

The Perkins 4-107 (Westerbeke 4-107) after the complete rebuilt. The engine was locked up when I removed it from my Alberg 37 Sailboat in July 2015. The boat was sitting for almost 10 years in storage. When I took the engine apart I found # 4 piston stuck due to water intrusion. The exhaust valve was corroded, so I think there was some residual salt water from the exhaust that may have back flushed into the cylinder. I rebuilt the engine from ground up, installed new Cylinder liners, pistons, rings, all new valves, guides and off course all new gaskets and seals. The crankshaft was in good condition, just had it checked and polished at a machine shop. I also sent out the cylinder head to a specialist to have it checked, resurfaced and the complete valve job done. The rest I did myself. When I cranked the engine for the first time it already lit up just on the residual lubrication from the piston install. After a few hrs test run I rebuilt and adjusted the injectors as well. Now all it needs is a paint job and then it’s ready to get back into the boat.

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