Mirror’s Edge map – Intrusion

Download: http://www.moddb.com/games/mirrors-edge/addons/intrusion-level
Author’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mshumilin

Intrusion is interesting and original level where you’ll get through unique locations and challenges. Many different events will happen, and I’ve got so many impressions from it that these 2 hours felt like 4 or 5!

In this level you don’t just run through the rooftops, but have an objective – destroy the weapon storage that is planned to be used against the Runners. The path to it will be long, including unique locations such as Parking Lot Building and Stormdrain – brand new stormdrain creatively built using static meshes from analogous level of original game.

At first we will be challenged with environmental puzzles and action we encounter will be very easy. But when we get into the weapon storage, emphasis will shift towards the battles, making it a very action packed area where we will have a lot of firepower at our disposal. I like the shooting part of Mirror’s Edge, so it was good to see an area such as that one.

Placement of obstacles on our path feels distinctive and different from other levels.

Unfortunately, the level has flaws. The author relies on ambient lighting too much, which is why parts of it have bland, monotonous and unrealistic grey lighting.

There’s also some neglect in placement of waypoints for people and cars: at 01:40 you can see car which rides right through the ground. At 07:52 people show no reaction when someone fell down, disappear, and car rides right through the walls and other cars.

00:33 – really good job at showing us locations we’re going to visit later. I think this skyscraper is the building where the map will end, and the parking lot building will be seen from the distance for a long time until we finally enter it.

03:20 – I really like this idea. It’s scary to suddenly see an enemy when there are no signs that anyone is around.

03:52 – Neglect in checkpoint placement – we respawn as if we successfully made that jump.

12:32 – Don’t remember seeing this wall texture anywhere else, so – nice find.

13:22 – Seeing the zipline and soft boxes we used earlier gives us nice understanding of where we are.

15:15 – Something’s wrong with AI scripting – enemy runs past the player which looks illogical.

26:35 – I really liked these events with the elevator.

27:35 – Props are used in a clever way to hide places where one wire mesh ends and another starts.

30:13 – The surrounding cityscape is designed very well. It’s a good idea to include mountain and water for more variety.

34:30 – Now that was lucky and unexpected 😀 I was only trying to pick up the shotgun from the floor.

Nice to finally appear in the parking lot. It looks interesting, but suffers from monotonous lighting like most indoors in this map.

37:50 – Author forgot to block these stairs which makes it possible to get outside the playable area.

41:53 – Nice find among the game’s unused dialogues.

1:11:25 – Another neglectful placement of checkpoint that sends the player forward.

1:13:11 – Water can be seen (lack of “checkpoint loaded” Kismet event that should move it down?)

1:17:14 – For some reason it’s impossible to grab this ledge.

1:22:01 – Marking wallrun spot with paint is a really nice touch, I like it.

Construction set is very well-detailed, convincing and impressive location.

1:26:26 – Another really nice find of unused dialogue.

1:29:38 – Unfortunately, from this point locations start to look like artificial decorations, not a real place. Abrupt texture changes on corners, wall texture used on the floor (1:32:56), elevator shaft with bland design (1:44:44). And then there’s three minute wrong elevator ride. I thought the game got stuck due to error in scripting.

Still, from time to time we get interesting setpieces made by creative reuse and retexturing of static meshes that come with the game.

1:37:00 – Atmosphere of the office fits the music used here very well – nice intense feeling.

2:03:17 – I really like the shape of this room. It has a very hard jump, though, which really spoils the mood, especially considering how long you’ve been playing, and it’s not possible to save the game and return to it later.

2:11:25 – Unnecessary reuse of cutscene from original game breaks the flow of the action. But then we look around and see very impressive scene – we’re at the construction site at the top of the skyscraper, and places we visited before can be seen from great height! This is an excellent and breathtaking ending for the map.

Despite the flaws, Intrusion is totally worth playing – you’ll get unbelievable amount of different locations, challenging environmental puzzles and action scenes. Hopefully in the next project author will do smaller area, pay more attention to detail&lighting, placement of checkpoints, pedestrian and car waypoints, and then we’ll get one of the best levels ever made.

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