Michigan Leak Detection Company’s Infrared Camera Finds Water & Mold

Visit: http://www.infravisionllc.com/ to see how our Certified Thermographers use HIGH-DEFINITION FLIR Infrared thermal imaging cameras to detect leaks of many varieties: hidden water leaks in floors / walls / ceilings; broken pipes in walls, in-floor heat piping ruptures, as well as how we can help you to identify & map out elevated, high-moisture that can lead to health issues and silent destruction inside of walls due to MOLD.

Our Certified Thermographers are shown using infrared thermal imagers, moisture meters, and forensic building science (after over 30 years in the ‘trades’) to identify water intrusion in EIFS, siding, commercial flat roofs, windows, curtain-walls and building envelopes.

Look at the video, and see REAL infrared thermal images that PINPOINT hidden leaks, moisture, and even precursors to mold growing in walls. Our infrared thermal inspections reveal hidden issues WITHOUT DEMOLITION or random destructive testing.

See the thermography team (using FLIR infrared thermal imagers) is performing infrared scans of large areas quickly. The thermographers identify suspect water leak issues when an ‘anomaly’ appears on the infrared camera. Moisture meters confirm the finding, and a visual inspection (applied Building Science) is made for an additional confirmation

Best of all, most leak detection surveys are NON-DESTRUCTIVE. That saves you hundreds – and even thousands – of dollars. No more guesswork paying contractors for unnecessary ‘fixes’ based on hunches. Infrared Leak detection is based on infrared thermal imaging because it gives you HARD-COPY EVIDENCE (also useful in litigation) and real solutions based on Science – not educated guesses and random ‘testing’ (demolition).

Stop Guessing. Start Seeing . . . with InfraVision

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