late night crisis- Climate Crisis (2015 Official Rap Music Video)

Dance music with an opinion. Rap with a funk groove. Highlights the political side of the global warming controversy. Climate Change. Global warming. Saltwater intrusion page 1.

I think it’s ’bout time,
time to mention
A problem that never seems to get our attention.
We can argue the facts, cause a lotta dissention,
But it’s time better spent at a climate convention.
Yeah we’ve all been told and the story gets old,
Anything worth anything is taken and sold.
Greed is the drug that fuels the corporate ladder
If it don’t help their profit then it don’t matter.
The empty suits- the money masters,
They’re stirrin’ up slop and cookin’ a disaster.
If we don’t stop ain’t no laughing matter,
Gonna send this planet to the here and after.
Now here’s a little tip, a clip for the masses,
When you’re looking at the world through your rose colored glasses,
Feet up on the couch and you’re just relaxin’,
Dear old mother earth is flippin’ her axis.
An inconvenient truth I just don’t understand,
They got frogs jumpin’ in and out of frying pans.
The lids on the pot and the temperatures risin’
Pretty soon you’re skin’ll be metastasizing.


You got biofuels, Biomass, Biosphere
and falling ash.
Carbon capture and sequestration
Carbon dioxide fertilization.
Black carbon aerosol
Kyoto protocol
CO2 deep freeze
Salt water intrusion OPEC collusion.
I’m tellin’ ya now so there’s no confusion.

To what extent do we sell our souls
This fossil fuel fetish that we’ve all been sold.
A tombstone scholar for the love of a dollar,
Got his hand down our throats
So we can’t even holler.
It’s all over the news about the south gettin’ snow
But there’s a difference of opinion on what’s causin’ it though.
But when the streets of Miami hit 10 below,
You’re gonna wish that you had listened to the man in the know.
Your black gold market is overrated
Like the price of energy, overinflated.
Runnin’ our world with old technology,
Scorching ourselves with a burnt ecology.
I don’t care if the market is rollin’ in dough.
I don’t care ’bout investors high fivin’ their bro’
Future generations should be all our concern,
But it takes an open mind to get the tables to turn.
So who’s gonna’ fix the mistakes that we’ve made,
Interest keeps climbin’ on the debt that we paid.
If we don’t address the problems and concerns that I’ve mentioned,
Better start prayin’ for divine intervention.
I know it’s kinda late for us to enter this race,
Don’t want our human legacy to end in disgrace.

add: Tellin’ ya now it ain’t no illusion

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