How to repair a Yamaha VX Waverunner shaft housing water leak 2014 08 05 002

My 2008 VX Deluxe leaked water from the driveshaft bearing seal housing and shaft seal. The adhesive between the bearing plate and jet housing (3M 5000) was comprimised due to the corrosion of the aluminum bearing housing surface, pushing away the sealant. The driveshaft bearing was also destroyed by water intrusion through the worn shaft seals. You must use a heat gun to warm up the housing to release the bond of the old adhesive. I neglected to include that once I got the housing loose, I wasn’t able to pull out the driveshaft fron the propeller, which is only splined In. To solve this, remove the intake grate on the bottom of the ski (4 bolts). You will have to work them back and forth to avoid breaking them as with the engine motor mount bolts too I might add! (Very important since you cant spray penetrant or gain access to heat the bolts.) I Was able to use a 2ft 3/8″ extension and a swivel 12mm socket to remove 2 of the engine mount bolts. Back and forth of course.If you break an engine mount bolt, you’ll have to remove the engine completely to repair or replace the mount! This part of the job was time consuming as I didn’t want to break a bolt! OK, back to the stubborn seemingly siezed griveshaft. Once I removed the water intake grate on the bottom of the ski I was able to access the driveshaft with lots of room. i almost was able to pull out the shaft by hand but something (corrosion) was still holding it. I clamped a pair of vise gtips to the shaft and used a prybar to pull the shaft out lever the prybar on the metal jet pump housing. The shaft popped right out of the propeller, so, there is no need to remove the jet pump. You will also need to hydraulic press to press out the driveshaft and seals from the inner bearing housing. The bearing housing is surrounded by a rubber cusioning cylinder that just easily peels of the inner bearing housing, A press will also be required to install the new bearing to the driveshaft. Any autoshop will have a press, so have them perform this step. It`s important to measure the shaft protrusion fron the bearing housing (towards the engine coupler )before dissassembly as you`ll need to re-install the shaft to housing exactly the same as it was to begin with, for proper clearances. My machine has clocked only 110 hrs.

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