How to Find House Moisture Leaks Simple EASY TRICK Stop Water Intrusion FREE 68 Minute Fun Class

HOW TO Find Water and Moisture Leaks Simple EASY TRICK to Stop Intrusion FREE 68 Minute Fun Class. This presentation will show you the way water enters your residential home. This free class will teach you the intrusion methods or vehicles on how water, leaks, absorbs, seeps, blown, sucked, and how it enters your residential home. This video will teach you about gravity, absorption, vapor diffusion, air pressure, capillary action, wind driven, solar driven, pressure driven, differential pressure, depressurization, and much more. This dynamic presentation will explain Building Science, give water leak case studies, show some residential moisture intrusion forensic investigations and even give you a some free tips, easy tricks, small quick lessons on how to minimize your home water absorption capabilities. This is a free 68 minute version. We have a 120, 240, and 8 hour versions. These versions are not free. If you want to purchase, please call or email Marko Vovk ae Some other Marko Vovk products are also for sale at the Cleveland home inspector Marko Vovk web site at

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Who am I?
I am Marko Vovk a full time home inspector for about 30 years. I have taught thousands of home inspectors at the National ASHI convention, many local home inspector conventions, many home inspector weekend seminars, ICC, and other conventions. I have thought a National ASHI convention for the last 8 years. I have performed over 14,000 home inspections, have a degree in civil engineering, have licenses in WWI, Lead, and Radon, and have certifications in CEI, ICC, CO, HVAC balancing.

Course Description:

This course will provide the experienced home inspector all the necessary skills to perform Residential Forensic Home Inspections. This course will give both the novice and experienced home inspector an edge in diagnosing residential home inspection conditions. Goals of the course will include learning about the various moisture intrusion vehicles, building science and understanding basic building science concepts. Numerous forensic investigation case studies using a variety of forensic tools will be provided to accomplish this objective. Moisture can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. Moisture causes more than billion in damage to homes annually, from minor damage like peeling paint, to major damage, such as rotting, crumbling structural floor joists. You can greatly reduce the cost of moisture damage in your home and eliminate the risk of structural loss if you learn how to control moisture. The PPP movie will provide you with this valuable information. It is important to control all sources of moisture that enters homes. Most moisture that is generally known to cause problems in homes is roof leaks, basement leaks, and plumbing leaks. These three types of leaks are the most obvious. Less obvious moisture infiltration sources are as follows:

1. Rainwater

2. Groundwater

3. Capillary suction below grade

4. Capillary suction above grade

5. Air movements

6. Air pressure

7. Vapor diffusion

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My YouTube channel name is ClevelandMarko and I have over 180 videos. This is my fun hobby.

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HOW TO Find Water and Moisture Leaks Simple EASY TRICK to Stop Intrusion FREE 68 Minute Fun Class.

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