House Passes Cravaack Amendment to Preempt Private Sector Intrusion by Federal Government

U.S. Representative Chip Cravaack (MN) offered an amendment to the Energy & Water Appropriations Act of 2012 to protect universities, non-profits, and businesses who receive federal grants from having to implement the overreaching federal ban on traditional incandescent light bulbs. The amendment was agreed to unanimously.

Specifically, Section 316 of the FY2012 Omnibus Appropriations bill included a requirement that all recipients of Department of Energy (DOE) grants in excess of million certify that they will replace all light bulbs in their facilities that do not meet the energy efficiency standards instituted by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

“Rather than allowing DOE grantees to replace bulbs as they burn out, this requirement forces small businesses and universities across the country to immediately replace existing light bulbs,” said Rep. Cravaack. “This forces extra costs on grant recipients and effectively means funds otherwise intended for actual research activities must instead be dedicated to purchasing new light bulbs to replace perfectly functional ones.”

In 2007, the “original light bulb ban” prohibited manufacture and sale of traditional 100-watt bulbs, and, beginning in January 2013, 75-watt bulbs.

Representative Cravaack serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee — where he is Vice Chair of the Aviation Subcommittee — the Homeland Security Committee, and the Science, Space and Technology Committee. The 8th Congressional District covers 18 counties in Northeast Minnesota.

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