Exterior Design Service – Visualize your Home!

Jensen Design and Illustration offers upscale exterior design, with digital renderings so you can see EXACTLY how your home would look before any work has been done!

Many examples are available on our Website:


The service that we provide allows homeowners across the U.S. to see what their actual home will look like with a new exterior before any real work has been done to their house. This helps with the choice of colors and materials used for the construction, preventing unwanted surprises, second-guessing and potentially expensive re-work. Having a completed design is also essential for getting accurate bids from your siding and remodeling contractors.

Our process gives a very true to life representation and is a unique program that is specifically geared for homeowners. You will see your home with different designs, colors, textures, details all before any real work has started. Most people are visual, and know what they like, and also what they don’t like when they see it. We take away the guesswork!

Check out http://exteriordesignmn.com/ to learn more!

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Jensen design.

**We are Minnesota based, but offer a National service!**

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