Cultured Stone Cladding THE TRUTH

Cultured Stone, veneer, faux or other fabricated stone cladding systems, may be leaking, infiltrating or permitting moisture, water or vapor intrusion. Many of these homes have hidden; inner wall, interstitial, insulation, band joist, sill plate, sole plate, joist, or wall deterioration. Additionally, certified home inspectors who perform moisture investigation evaluations are also finding insects, termite, carpenter ant, mold or musty odor problems. These siding products were specified by architects and were poorly installed by contractors. These installations were similar to the EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finish System) holocaust, epidemic, and crisis, which resulted in class action lawsuits against builders, developers and Dryvit Manufacturers. Installers failed to place the proper drainage plane, drainage space, capillary break, window flashing, door flashing, weep hole, or rain screen. In these poor installations, water or vapor travel from the exterior to the interior of from the interior to the exterior through gravity, surface tension, capillary suction, absorption, solar vapor diffusion and air pressure. Many of these homes, similar to the synthetic stucco homes, will require full moisture surveys to determine if replacement repairs are necessary. Most repairs will result is a 100% tear off removal. Marko Vovk, Clevelandmarko ClevelandMold or

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