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If you have ever had a real estate transaction terminate during the due diligence period due to a foundation problem, this CE class is for you!

“Mastering Moisture & Water Problems in Residential Real Estate” is a Free 3 Hour CE Class approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission specifically designed to help real estate professionals save their sales and make more money.

We understand the sensitive nature of a real estate transaction and know that when a buyer has a home inspection performed, there are often issues that arise that can cause great concern; so much concern that the buyer may terminate and walk away.

It doesn’t have to be this way. This class was created to provide agents, whether they’re representing the buyer or seller, with the necessary information needed to effectively navigate these scenarios and ultimately make it to the closing table.

The content will cover standard building practices and what systems builders have in place to manage water. Over time, these systems fail, leading to water intrusion and other structural problems.

Considering these problems, it is important for agents to be able to identify the warning signs, understand the various repair options that will permanently fix the problems, and ultimately understand what the average costs are for these repairs and how this will affect their real estate transaction.

We’ll cover in great detail water intrusion problems in the basement environment. What to do about standing water, high relative humidity, and how to manage those musty smells.

We will also review the problems associated with those homes built over crawl spaces. Crawl spaces inherently have issues with standing water, high relative humidity, mold, and even wood rot. Permanent repair options will be covered including the crawl space encapsulation process.

Structural problems can often be a deal killer. We’ll address what the repair options are for settling foundations, cracked and bowing foundation walls, and settling concrete slabs, such as sidewalks, driveways, garages, and that small front porch that looks like it’s falling off the front of the house.

This class consistently receives very high reviews and the comments we hear regularly are “I wish I had taken this class when I first started selling real estate” and “Every real estate agent should be required to take this class.”

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