2ATM (20m/66ft) Naturalist Model Submersion Test #1

*So after having a tank fail, multiple camera issues I gave up and just made a timelapse of the last 8hrs of a 10hr test. This will be a temp vid until I can figure out what the issue is with the camera.

Multiple hour submersion test in progress. Changes from previous tests;

Different gasket material
2ATM (20m/66ft) (up from 1ATM in previous test)
Placed smartwatch in water then pressurized the chamber

The third item is key. This is a direct simulation of real world exposure. Either way, the modifications I have made have already put the watch well beyond any touchscreen smartwatch and into the shallow end (pun intended) of traditional watch water resistance territory. I will update this section once the test is complete and I’ve compress about 12hrs of video into something a lot shorter.

I had opened the smartwatch every time I had to stop the test and did not properly seal it. From a traditional watch standpoint this is a big no-no. However, after multiple 3-4hrs immersions at pressure the inside was bone dry.

As you can see here the pump was attached the whole time for the longer test. I did not remove the pump fast enough at the end causing a rapid decompression. This may have resulted in water intrusion at the very end as the cotton pad inside the watch showed sings of water intrusion.

Inconclusive for time periods beyond 3-4hrs of immersion and needs to be rerun. Still, no water intrusion at the 3-4hr mark on multiple occasions.

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