2015 Acura MDX Water Intrusion Problem!!!Check your floorboards for water.

I purchased this beautiful car on Columbus Day. This is my fourth “Honda” and my first luxury upgrade and I am horrified. I drive it to work a couple days a week and on the weekends doing regular stuff like groceries and errands. This past Saturday, my son dropped his toy and it rolled under the seat. Once I got to my destination, I reached under the seat to collect the toy. That’s when I discovered the carpets were soaked under the driver side. I check the entire car, WET. I am the only driver and I’ve never spilled anything in here. My children don’t eat or drink in here so I know they didn’t spill anything. The windows weren’t rolled down and neither was the sunroof so that couldn’t have been the reason the car is soaked.

I drove directly over to the dealership to show them the car. The manager initially tried to tell me that I must’ve unknowingly rolled down the windows. He demonstrated by pressing a button on the key fob. Only after I told him that I googled “moisture on floorboards Acura MDX” and saw there was a trend that he realized that I’m no regular dummy and that maybe just maybe he should ask the service department to take a look at it. They were stumped and said they’ve never heard of this issue. One of the technicians took a look at it and confirmed that why yes, yes she’s correct, the floorboards are wet. They told me they were going to call someone to see if this is documented and that they couldn’t get me in until Wednesday. So that means I have to drive this car around until Wednesday, with wires and computers and gasoline and shit underneath my bum! I’m so upset about this. I don’t even want this car anymore.

Apparently this flaw is common with this vehicle. I researched it. MDXers.org has a whole forum on this going back to at least since 2001. Something about lack of sealant on the firewall or sheet metal or something. Sad really, this a beautiful car. I hope the problem is fixed the first time. I don’t want to go through a troubleshooting circus fiasco and I don’t trust this dealership now since the manager tried to BS me from the start. The carpeting and padding needs to be completely gutted and replaced, I really don’t need mold and mildew in a brand new car. The water soaked up through the padding as you can see. I’m also concerned about the electrical systems and the 9 computers that the dealer boasted about when they sold me the warranty. Hopefully they don’t start to malfunction as a result of this. I am distraught, I really am.

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