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Call now 24 hours a day! We’ll be there in 90 min or less. Rainbow Restoration is locally owned and operated.

Rainbow International® provides “best practices” with integrity and the highest of standards in commercial and home cleaning and restoration services. Utilizing the most advanced equipment, innovative technologies and a built-in accountability system, our professional emergency restoration crews complete every job rapidly to assure an uncompromising commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, we don’t just perform water damage Reno, fire damage, mold damage and smoke damage restoration service, we restore value, stability, and peace of mind back into your homes and businesses.

The most common cause of water damage Reno is the result of some type of plumbing failure. Rainbow International® offers professional water mitigation services, which seek to reduce the long-term damage caused by a water related disaster in your home.

Water damage is progressive, meaning items may become permanently damaged if emergency response is delayed past the first 48 hours after a disaster.

Although you might be tempted to use a shop vacuum for water damage restoration Reno or call a company that only has equipment to dry carpet instead of a water damage company Reno, you should consider that water will wick up walls and travel under base molding and sill plates. It will penetrate through floor coverings into sub-floors, even causing damage to rooms below.

Our Flood Damage Restoration Professionals are trained on current procedures, such as Rapid Structural Drying, to dry your entire structure as quickly as possible, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Water restoration Reno moisture meters are used to locate moisture that may not be visible or may be hidden behind walls or cabinets, so that our Water Damage Restoration Reno Service Professionals can ensure that all wet materials are dry. Because we understand how important it is to react quickly in the unfortunate event of water damage, smoke damage, or fire damage, you can rely on Rainbow International to provide emergency response and quick professional service 24-hours a day for water damage repair Reno. http://youtu.be/WwsIxFUmUCg

For more than 30 years, Rainbow International® has provided professional restoration services and expert house cleaning services and understands how critical it is to get people back in their homes and companies back in operation quickly.

That’s why Rainbow International uses only the best equipment, innovative technologies and a built-in accountability process to assure every job is done right. Setting the highest standards in water, fire, smoke and mold damage restoration, where customer anxieties can run high, requires a continuous focus and dedication to self-analysis and improvement. That’s why Rainbow International restoration services specialists are graded and evaluated on response time, professionalism and customer satisfaction. We enthusiastically seek out, listen to and act upon the concerns of the people we serve. The feedback we receive from our customers is critical to our success in water damage Reno NV.

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