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This video is the fact sheet about a recent horrific water damage Mesa AZ experience and how you can avoid repeating it and insure your best solution.

If you’re facing water and mold damage –like we were–
in the Mesa AZ area and think things are bad now,
wait until you try to get a repair company to get things fixed right.

Here’s what happened in our home.
A special water line in the attic had burst. It filled up an area in
the ceiling and collapsed from the weight, deluging the area and flooding it with debris and water. It was a huge watery slimy growing mess before I discovered it.
We called a plumber friend and he walked us through turning the water off at the main.

I Googled and called what looked like a reasonable water damage restoration company in Mesa AZ to come start the repairs.

They sent 2 salesmen disguised in tech uniforms with techy gadgets and within seconds started making outrageous claims.

It was obvious their only motive was to get the biggest water damage repair contract they could by taking advantage of our situation. They insisted the water damage was far beyond the apparent damaged area.

I finally got locked into a nightmare water damage repair contract with a company in a largely unregulated industry where insurance companies pay huge bills. Here’s what happened to us.
1st the blower fans they used had not been cleaned after being used in a toxic environment.
This spread mold and other toxins in our home and made my wife very sick. (It took months for her to recover).

I tried to break the contract and found the penalties to do so would have cost more than the entire job.
What should have been a 3 day repair job dragged on to 3 weeks.
They scheduled one incompetent person after another to come by. MOST of the time they did not even show.
The “Restoration” workers who did come by stained our unaffected carpet with filth from the watery debris area.
Our lives and house in disarray, the job dragged on forever. I found out later that the longer it took and the more trips they made, the more they could bill the insurance company.
There was NOTHING that motivated them to finish in a timely manner –just the opposite.
The toxic environment and mess created by all this made the house unlivable during the whole dragged out process not only disrupting our lives but again having to contend with the serious health issues with my wife.
It took a long time to get over this water damage Mesa AZ nightmare experience and it compelled me to investigate this whole industry.
Here’s what I found.
MOST of the companies in this business are not even technically qualified to do the job.
I learned that equipment vendors contact carpet cleaning type companies and they put on big sales seminars showing them how much money they can make in the water damage and mold removal business.
Their goal is to sell their equipment and they train on how to set up a sales organization to sell the services to you and me.
To summarize,
Many, if not Most of the companies in this business view you and I as the biggest sale they can make …and not a victim who needs a competent damage repair solution. Most of the workers are untrained and unskilled.
Whether you deal with a water damage Mesa AZ repair contractor
or one elsewhere, you get locked into a nightmare contract.
They are Unmotivated to finish your job in a timely manner.

We looked the industry over from top to bottom and only found 1 GREAT company.
The water damage Mesa AZ repair and mold remediation company is Saviour’s Restoration.
The owner has damage restoration experience, training and technical credentials a mile long.
He ISN’T a salesperson. He has one motive. To get the restoration completed properly and safely as quickly as possible.
His fee schedule is always lower than the insurance companies –unlike any other company I found. So you will not only get the best but save money as well.
The procedures and water damage repair equipment he uses to analyze and solve your water damage and mold remediation problems is far superior to any other company in the area.
Besides his training and skill, he is also a very nice guy and you will have complete confidence in him from beginning to end.
His name is Keith Meschke. (WaterDamageMesaAZ@gmail.com).

So to avoid the water damage restoration nightmares we went through, I urge you to call him now and get things back to normal with none of the horrible costly mess and time my wife and I had to endure.
If you’re in the Mesa AZ area or nearby cities of Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Temple AZ,
Call Keith now at Saviour’s Restoration at: (480) 448-5051 –The water damage Mesa AZ restoration company you can count on.

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