Water Damage Insurance Claims: Critical Tips

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Hi, I’m John Morgenstern, President of Priority Adjusters, the premier Public Adjuster in California. You know, water damage is one of the most common claims on homeowner’s policies. Almost every day we get questions from clients like:

“John, I guess the cold water hose to my washing machine broke and water ran all through the laundry room and out into the hall. Will my insurance company blame me for not replacing the hose periodically?”

“John, our city sewer backed-up! It’s a mess. Do I contact the city or contact my insurance company to pay for the clean-up?”

“John, my roof leaked during yesterday’s storm. The wall by the fireplace is soaked? Should I call a contractor? Do I need to call my insurance company first? Will they call the contractor?”

My advice? – be careful how you report water damage to your insurer. While you must be truthful, of course, make sure you explain the situation with the right language. For example, don’t use the word “flood”. That may not be covered at all, while damage from a sewer line or from a leaking pipe may be covered”.

You should call me right away to get help notifying your insurer and filing your claim…and for help using the correct terms to assure coverage is not limited or delayed.

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