iPhone water damage repair to a white iPhone 4

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In this video we go over some important steps you can take to help your iPhone 4 survive if you drop it in water. The is only recommended for ADVANCED users. Do not attempt this if you are not sure if you know what you’re doing. This is only the recommended steps to take AFTER you drop it. It is not a complete repair process. Our full water damage repair process should be used in conjuction with this. If you are not an advanced user, skip step 4. Contact us for help if you have any questions!

1) Turn it off
2) If dropped in salt or chlorinated water. Rinse it in fresh water.
3) Take off back by removing 2 bottom screws and sliding back off.
4) Remove 11 Screws and the sim card tray which all holds the board in the housing.
5) Place parts in tupperware container full of silica packs or rice.
6) Wait 24-48 hours
7) Reassemble

This procedure only helps increase your chances of a good working phone in the future. iFixYouri Corp is not responsible for any damage you cause to your phone. A skilled professional should be the only one working on your phone.

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