iPhone 4 water damage repair (results)

Here is the iPhone 4 that was put through the washer by one of my customers. After disassembling and cleaning corrosion caused from the liquid damage using regular rubbing alcohol and an electric tooth brush, I let the parts dry completely and managed to remove any liquid from underneath the LCD screen (I do not recommend disassembling the back of an iPhone 4 LCD, be very VERY careful if you do). After about two days have passed I reassembled the iPhone and the phone seems to work fine, however, wifi is greyed out and completely disabled, but the phone works great otherwise.

This type of repair is never guaranteed to work, the longer your phone has been liquid damaged the longer corrosion build up has to damage components on your logic board.

***putting your phone in rice for a week does NOT dry out your phone, some people think the rice will absorb and suck out all the water from the liquid damaged phone, but all it does is suspend your phone and maybe some liquid will drip out which the rice will absorb, but liquid is still inside the device and the longer it sits there the longer the corrosion will build up eating away at components that usually cannot be replaced rendering your device completely useless***

Worst types of liquid damage I’ve seen:

#1 jello (if not cleaned out in less than 4-7 days, more than likely screwed)

#2 milk (up to two weeks or less and you may be lucky enough to save your device. Also rotting milk in your device is another factor, I recommend a protective mask)

#3 pool water or water with chlorine (liquid damage always depends on the type of liquid the got into your device, water itself is not as damaging as you have a fairly good chance of recovering your device up to between 3 and 4 weeks. Chlorine water, however, spreads corrosion a lot faster due to the types of acids that are present in the chemical. I’ve seen maybe one or two devices that I was able to recover past 3-4 weeks after being chlorine liquid damaged, but the average time period I would est. Is between 2-3 weeks)

If you have any questions about liquid repair, leave a comment or PM me

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