how to fix a ipod touch or iphone that has water damage. poo

part 1, please view part two! if you dropped your ipod touch or iphone in the pool or toilet you will notice that there is a red color in the back of your headphone jack, all you need to do is follow my instructions (which i have to say that i dont suggest) and take it to the genius bar at your local apple store, they will replace because they do not have the tools to check for water damage other than their flash light, make sure you dry it out as much as possible before taking it to prevent any confusion.

UPDATE: i do not adivse you to do anything i mention in my video since it will void warranty and i dont want to get sued. but your ipod/iphone is already broken so what the hell right? what are they gonna do? take your ipod/iphone away from you? Nope. its screwed anyways so why not give it a shot? but no i do not suggest you do this.

heres the link:

just type in the serial number and the country you live in and you’ll know if it has a warranty.

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