Hardwood Floor Removal, Water Damage Wood Floor

Hardwood Floor Removal, Water Damage Wood Floor. Clay King from AAA Flood Drying with 22 years experiance removing damaged wood floors shares some tips and tricks for the removal of a water damaged hardwood floors. Knowing how to attack the job with a little thought and care can save a lot of time and aggravation. If the wood floors get wet you either have to aggresively dry them out with an Injectidry System or they need to be quickly removed. Floors left wet will turn moldy underneath, you just will not be able to see the mold damage to the wood floor.
This is a hard decision to make, but you do not want mold under the wood floors. Drying after 3 days of being wet is not recomended. If you see cupping, this is a definite sign of moisture under the floor. Some harder hardwoods may not show signs of cupping for many days, they still could be very wet.
We at AAA Flood Drying use moisture meters to determine what is wet and where the hidden moisture is.
If you have wet hardwood floors that need drying or removal please call Clay King from AAA Flood Drying at 978-392-1895

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