Hardwood Floor Drying – Wet Hardwood Floors- Water Damage – Flooded Wood Floors

Drying hardwood floors with an Injectidry system, drying a warped wet cupped oak wood floor. How to dry out a flooded hardwood floor remove moisture preventing cupping and mold damage. Water damaged hardwood flooring can be saved if drying is started quickly. AAA Flood Drying has been saving hardwood floors for many years using the Injectidry Floor Drying System. We can generally save about 90% of the wooden floors that we dry, avoiding replacement and costly repair. Knowing how to dry out wet wooden floors fast is the best way to prevent mold damage. This system can even be used to dry out ice dam water damage. Please call 978-392-1895 AAA Flood Drying for saving your wet floors .http://aaaflooddrying.com/hardwood-floor-drying.html

If you have had a leak and water is under the wood floor, and it has been wet for too long and you could be at risk of mold growing, then the floor should be removed. Check out my video on “Hardwood Floor Removal” for tips and tricks to make floor removal easier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7paAl8b1YZ0

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