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Water damage restoration refers to the process applied in restoring property back to the initial condition it was before sustaining water damage. Water damage occurs from factors such as broken pipes, plumbing issues, and ruptured water heaters among others.

Of all the numerous types of disaster, flooding & flood damage seems to be one area where most people prefer to do restoration by themselves other than hire professionals. While this may save you money, it is good to realize that water poses a major health risk. Moreover, the more water stays in a place, the more damage it will cause and it’s therefore important or calls for the help or trained professionals who can remove the water within limited time.

Flood damage restoration is important to help salvage your property from being damaged by mold which can pose a major property and health risk if nothing is done. It may at times call for evacuation of huge amounts of water within limited time. Such exercises should only be entrusted to only to qualified professionals.

However, in case of small water damages, here is a step by step guide on how to conduct water damage restoration effectively.

Emergency Water Extraction

One of the best ways to minimize the damage caused by water is by removing the water as quickly as possible. The faster you remove the water, the less likely that mold will grow on your property. Mold growth can commence as early as 24 hours of flooding and hence it imperative to extract quickly.

Structural Drying

You should dry and ventilate the affected areas without any delay. You can use high velocity air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers to dry the place. Ensure you check the affected property and areas for dryness regularly. Porous materials such as dry walls, carpet and insulation retains water beneath their surfaces. It is hard to dry them completely at once.

Water Removal

First remove all damaged items and move them to a separate place, let them dry and restore them thereafter. Padding, carpet, insulation and drywall exposed to water for a period exceeding 24 hours must be replaced to prevent mold growth which will already have started.

Dos in Case of During Water Damage Repair

* Find the source of the water and if you can, stop further water from getting to the property
* Remove water from the property as much as possible by bloating and mopping
* Use the fun to enhance air circulation in the room to facilitate drying.
* Wipe water of form your furniture
* Remove wet floor coverings
* Move art objects, paintings and photo to a safe place.
* Remove wet fabrics and ensure you dry them completely.
* Seek the help of water damage restoration professionals.

Don’ts During Water Damage Cleanup

* Do not let your children or pet be exposed to the water. It may contain bacteria and other contaminates and these may harm them.
* Do not turn sources of heat in the affected areas on, doing so will enhance the growth of mildew and bacteria. Try to maintain the temperature at 70 degrees F.
* Do not enter a room with water when electricity is still on.
* In case the property affected by water damage had tacked-down carpet, do not lift it without professional assistance as it may shrink irregularly promoting secondary damage.
* Do not delay to call for professional assistance. Bacteria growth and damage from the water will continue to escalate in case of such delays.

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