Dry Ceiling Water Damage

Dying water damage to a 2nd floor ceiling. Saving a flooded wet ceiling that sustained water damage from a frozen pipe. The wet ceiling was dried out by drying from above in the attic. Some attic plywood and wet insulation were removed,. A tent was created over the water damaged area, then warm dry air from the second floor was directed under the tent to dry the wet ceilings. The ceilings were completly saved and did not have to be removed. There was no demolition, dust, or debris, or hassle by using this method. This was also winter and because we saved the ceiling we did not lose heat on the second floor that we were drying, also water damaged.
This was an extensive flood, the basement, 1st floor and second floor were also flooded. We were drying all the water damaged floors at the same time.
For more videos on water damaged ceiling drying please see my playlist “Wet Ceiling Drying water damaged ceiling dry out”.
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